Hi, I'm Enting
I am a software developer and architect.
Computer Science fundamentals provide me a key to enter the world of software development in a down to earth level, while architecture design trainings open my eyes to the beauty of interactions between human and physical world; Coding is my sketching, and design interacts with program in turn. I find myself peacefully and satisfied in the world of programing and design; The more I design, the more I find that all kinds of designs follow similar rules:
to conceive user interaction , to simulate, stimulate demand.

I want to become a human-centered designer who could develop a user-friendly interface according to user preference. With the ability of coordinating design and implementation, which has already into my blood, I am ready to explore the amazing side of Computer Science and Human Computer Interaction in future career. For graduate study, I would like to devote myself to the development of future interface topics, especially Smart Home and wearable device.

To see my portfolio, Click Here.

Enting's Portfolio

software Engineering . Architecture Design . Human-Computer Interaction