Light on Winding Stream —Art Museum Design

The concept of the design is inspired by our study in the analyses and summarization of lots of excellent lighting experiment. The lighting inspiration has been applied to every section of the building. The design also seeks a way to achieve the harmony between the building and environment. As we went through a deep analysis of the field, we concluded that ribbon-like structures can be built in a certain way so that they can interact with each other. Designing with parameterization, some structure has been twisted and extended appropriately to create a feeling that the building is so harmonic with the surrounding, which grant the building with elegant and easy.

The design is an activity focus building, in other words, the building is for exhibition and visit. The building is constructed with beauty of curve and dynamic, which creates a multilevel space for people flows, and also attracts more people to come. The envelop enclosure, lighting and ventilate are so accommodate with Lingnan climate, so that the building and the surround are in complete harmony.