My MakeUp Box

User Story

As a user, I would like to pick the most suitable cosmetics for me. The web site can help me figure out the best alternative between the cosmetics in my wish list on the basis of my information such as age, skin type, and budget etc.

2 The website needs user drop cosmetics into wish list along with the information of user. A report with a comprehensive score and some sub scores could be estimated for each cosmetic in the wish list. It could also generate a text that suggests you which one is the best.

3 As the user, I would like to post my reviews and final choice against the wishing list. The posted reviews can be eventually converted to authenticate to view more other reviews.

Design Process:

A lady would like to buy something, but the budget is limited. To make the decision, she has to search on Google or other web sites to absorb massive reviews that are vague or uncomparable. Here comes a new web site can survive her from the dilemma.

Define the comparison result.

What is shown?

It depends on the category of the cosmetics. If it is a lipstick, for example, it could have attributes such as Dryness, Color, Stickiness, and Price. Given the set of metrics for attributes, a comprehensive metrics, or score can be provided. The tricky part is that what the gradient of the metric. Is it like list all details like a excel form? In reality, we don’t have the unit to evaluate the dryness and it is hard to predict, though the fact is that figure talks. Here are some options:

1 List scores directly for all aspects like excel chart

Pros: It looks professional, and more accurate. Users can walk through the scores for each aspect, and the final decision is made on the basis of the cautious consideration. The user behaves like data analyst in this scenario.

Cons: Customer spends massive efforts before buying the most desirable one. Processing pure data is not user friendly. Data is doubtful in some users’ perspective. Improve: Data visualization. A descriptive, clear and concise visualization for the data. (text to score.)

2 Just give the users the most useful review if they pick an item.

Pros: It is more convincible, and more descriptive. Customers can see the trade-offs for different choices.

Cons: Customers have to post their reviews.

Improve: Customer can use their scores to unlock the review.

Final Picked.

Tell it the final pick one to calculate the final pick score.

How it is rendered.

Here is the first question, how a customer receives a straightforward perspective on different cosmetics candidates. Restricted by the platform and current web front end, the result finally rendered on the web page includes images and text, or animation.